Black Minds Matter


Black Minds Matter is a community event partnered with PPCC activities and the NAACP to bring the community together through live music performances and poetry slam in honor of black history month. and all ages event featuring fun food and family.

The poster was inspired by modern movmentalist black art.  that features a strong character with highlighted textures. I choose to pen tool the female and keep her in shades of brown. and this was an event about expanding the minds and the thoughts of NAACP to the community so I put many educational and liberty and music thoughts coming out of her mind but in a way blooming  like flowers.


Costa Rica

An opportunity to study abroad in Costa Rica was offered to the students of Pikes Peak Community College. a brochure and a flyer was created to advertise to students this new opportunity

The design was to show that there is more in costa rica than the beach view most google pictures show.  Costa Rica actually has some of the most beautiful rural scenery

Volleyball Photography

In the year 2016, I became the team photographer for a girls Volleyball team called Colorado Summit. I captured many of the teams best and worst moments. My first time ever doing photos with moving subjects my goal was really dramatic shots while also creating a scene that stops the game and gives the viewer a clear visual of the game.

For my first ever sports shoots I have never been more proud to watch this team strive for the best.